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JuicyFields cooperates with various international medical cannabis plantations and supports them with financing, expansion and sales. Meanwhile it gives private e-Growers the opportunity to participate from the high profit margins in the industry and to be part of JuicyFields superior misson to become a global Cannabis Brand.

JuicyFields successful expansion to LATAM, initiated by hosting the Cannabis EXPO in Mexico City 2021

JuicyFields sponsoring one of Germanys biggest Cannabis Expos in Berlin 2021

CB Expo Zurich 2021 

How does JuicyFields' Crowdgrowing concept work?

JuicyFields connects people with medical cannabis companies looking for funding. This is accomplished through the representative purchase and sale of plants on the crowdgrowing platform by e-growers, i.e. private individuals like you. The plantations grow plants in the total amount acquired by all e-growers. This is an easy and legal way to make a profit from the sale of each harvest while supporting this industry.

Crowdgrowing with JuicyFields

Medical cannabis is one of the newest and fastest growing industries in the world today. By 2024, the global cannabis market will reach a value of 93 trillion euros.

The therapeutic attributes of marijuana have offered many people an alternative to traditional treatments, leading many countries to promote its use thanks to its effectiveness. This accelerated growth has created the opportunity for new innovations and business models. JuicyFields is not just trying to digitally transform the commercialization of cannabis, but the entire process from cultivation to sale.

JuicyFields Office Potsdamer Straße 147, 10783 Berlin

JuicyFields’ vision is to establish itself as a global cannabis brand and to achieve the global shift towards more legalization of medical cannabis. A strong community is required for this. JuicyFields successfully builds this up through the crowdgrowing concept. More than 95,000 e-Growers from all over the world already benefit from JuicyFields.

Choose one of 4 types of plants, pay and be part of the next growing cycle

Simply select the strain of cannabis you want to grow, choose how many plants you want, and the growers who work with the partner plantations will grow your plants in their greenhouses. The cycle starts every week on Tuesdays & Fridays. A maximum of 90 plants can be purchased at once per order and a maximum of 1000 plants per strain in total. 

Deposits and withdrawals take place via Sepa Bank Transfer or with crypto transfers. We support Bitcoin, Ethereum and USDT. 

Juicy Flash

GROWTH Cycle                           108 DAYS
HARVEST                                        45-55G
SELLING PRICE                              1.50 € / Gramm
YIELD PER HARVEST                    68 € – 83 €
PRICE PER PLANT                         50 €

Juicy Mist

Harvests per year                        4
HARVEST                                              150-200G
SALE PRICE                                           2.00 € / Gramm
YIELD PER HARVEST                           300 € – 400 €
PRICE PER PLANT                                2,000 €

Juicy Kush

HARVESTS PER YEAR                        3
HARVEST                                              200-300G
SALE PRICE                                           2.50 € / GRAMM
YIELD PER HARVEST                           500 € – 750 €
PRICE PER PLANT                                2,000 €

Juicy Haze

HARVESTS PER YEAR                        2
HARVEST                                              300-400G
SALE PRICE                                           3.00 € / GRAMM
YIELD PER HARVEST                           900 € – 1200 €
PRICE PER PLANT                                2,000 €

We are additionally planning so-called Juicyboxes

  • Lease one of currently 56 containers at the following conditions: 
  • Duration: 3 years
  • Guaranteed income of € 20,000 per harvest. 3 harvests per year. The return over 3 years is therefore 180,000 €
  • Initial investment: € 80,000 
  • Location is with our Portuguese partner Sabores Purpura. 

The partner plantations

You can find recorded plantation visits on the JuicyFields Official Youtube Channel. Plantation visits are possible at any time by arrangement. Convince yourself!

An EU GMP licensed plantation from Portugal which specializes in the luxury segment of medical products. 

The CEO of the company is Miguel Silva, who became aware of the cultivation of cannabis plants through personal experience with diseases. What once started as a strawberry farm developed into a multilateral, diversified agricultural operation in 2019 with the receipt of the Portuguese license to cultivate medicinal cannabis. 

Juicy Flash plants are mainly grown at Sabores. Sabores Purpura builds on many years of experience with the cultivation of useful plants in greenhouses. Outwardly, however, strawberries and cannabis are both very strictly regulated and require meticulous work. Both plants are grown in GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) -compliant greenhouses, whereby glass panes had to be converted for cannabis cultivation. The success in the production of high quality strawberries is now carried over to the cultivation of cannabis plants and so Sabores Pupura was able to handle the transition well.

The Dutch Pharmaceutical Solutions company with a 37,986 square meter farm in San Carlos Canton, located in Alajuela Province in Costa Rica, will start cultivating our most popular JuicyFlash category since May 2021. The next step is the construction of the additional brand new greenhouses with fully automated systems, research and development center and laboratory.

Colombia-based Kannabyte is located near Medellin. The first meeting between Kannabyte and JuicyFields took place in August 2020, the partnership was signed in October of the same year, while the first harvest was already in March 2021. 

Even if the licensing process is complicated, as everywhere, Kannabyte has all the rights to export cannabis-infused oils, even if the production process requires much more than just exporting the dried flowers.

In terms of facilities, the main center is located in Guarne and has two plots of land of 35000 square meters each, and it says that its production capacity is far from being maxed out. 

Terra Cann is a 40 year old private & family owned business with an impressive 62,000 square feet now dedicated to the cultivation of medical cannabis. 

Co-Founder & CEO of TERRA CANN COLOMBIA – Licet Osorio is not only looking forward to sharing business goals with JuicyFields, but also to joining the Juicy team as Chief Communication Officer to fully leverage her experience.



Great Britain, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands already have a medical Cannabis-friendly legislation. France and Spain are currently launching a corresponding legislative initiative. JuicyFields is preparing to seize this opportunity to help shape change in Europe and to build a strong brand.


Frequently asked questions & JuicyFields' answers

The beginnings go back to 2012, but it wasn’t until 2017 that the expansion in Europe began. We started our business in Spain, but we faced major hurdles in building our business model as planned. There was a lot of research and learning about cannabis, marketing, legal issues, international trade deals, etc. before we could build a platform. 

The JuicyFields team expanded in 2019 with the arrival of skilled growers and engineers. That’s when we brought our idea to life and created a platform to help people grow medicinal cannabis and make their business dreams come true. Nowadays our team consists of both experienced professionals (more than 25 years of experience in growing cannabis) and novice talents. The Juicyfields Crowdgrowing platform went live in early 2020 

Now we can fulfill our dreams and solve the problems of many cannabis producers and new growers around the world – thanks to our partners. Learn more about the story here:

Banks in Europe are reluctant to lend money to companies in the cannabis industry. The bureaucracy within the European Union makes it extremely difficult to obtain a cultivation license in many EU countries. Licenses are extremely expensive and not affordable for new plantations. Banks do not grant loans and the solution of the regular “crowdgrowing” business model can be used here in the best possible way. In developing countries in Africa and Latin America, this problem is many times greater, so that crowdgrowing is the only form of financing. 

An even more important reason for JuicyFields is to build a strong community, which we need to establish our global brand in this sector and help shape the cannabis change in Europe. 

Our partners Sabores Purpura and Abis Inc. are insured against all damage, with the exception of  “natural disasters”. In the event of a natural disaster, the deposits are not covered. Our partners are insured against all damage. For the risks, we reserve 1% for natural disasters and  military  actions.

JuicyGrow GmbH is the company registered in the german commercial register with Managing Director Viktor Bitner. According to the website , their business area is “Hydroponic Grow Shop, Containers and Equipment”. Main activity is the supply of components and the production of a certified modular agro-industrial complex for the cultivation of medicinal cannabis with Euro-GMP certification. With regard to the modular complex, we are in the process of preparing and registering patent documents. 

JuicyFields is a branch within the GmbH, which operates exclusively as a crowdgrowing platform, with managing director Alan Glanse. Crowdgrowing is the community cultivation where we (JuicyFields) provide the services. E-growers buy clones on the JuicyField platform, the money goes to Juicy Grow, but for the purposes of JuicyFields.

1) We select reliable, professional producers with successful experience in high yields to have reliable and plannable harvest amounts. 

2) We cut off our own clones to reduce the risk of losing a grower’s clone during the rooting process.

3) We are increasing the number of productions to meet the growing demand for clones, which also insures us against crop failures.

4) We cover the risk of the plants with an offer of clones on demand; if something happens to the plant, it is replaced by a similar one. The probability of death for the entire group is negligible. The death rate is currently just under 1%.

The most serious risks for growers would be massive adverse changes in the cannabis market that would limit our business activities. Should serious things happen such as the entire cannabis market crashes for reasons of legalization or for legal reasons, this can have an impact on the plants and the e-Growers returns.

We want to start more than 20 partner projects and increase the total value of the projects on our platform from 50 million to 150 million euros. We also aim to become number one for high quality THC and CBD vapes in the world.

The aim of our project is to create a global brand for the manufacture of medical cannabis products (vapes and oils). is a partner site of
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