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JuicyFields cooperates with various international medical cannabis plantations and supports them with financing, expansion and sales. Meanwhile, it gives private e-Growers the opportunity to participate from the high-profit margins in the industry and to be part of JuicyFields' superior mission to become a global cannabis brand.

JuicyFields Rewind 2021

JuicyFields sponsoring one of Germany’s biggest Cannabis EXPOs in Berlin 2021

Mary Jane Expo Berlin 2021

JuicyFields Rewind 2021

JuicyFields sponsoring one of Germany’s biggest Cannabis EXPOs in Berlin 2021

Mary Jane Expo Berlin 2021

How Does JuicyFields' Crowdgrowing Concept Work?

JuicyFields connects people with medical cannabis companies looking for funding. This is accomplished through the representative purchase and sale of plants on the crowdgrowing platform by e-Growers, i.e. private individuals like you. The plantations grow plants in the total amount acquired by all e-growers. This is an easy and legal way to make a profit from the sale of each harvest while supporting this industry.

juicy fields crowd growing

Crowdgrowing with JuicyFields

Medical cannabis is one of the newest and fastest-growing industries in the world today. By 2024, the global cannabis market will reach a value of 93 trillion euros.

The therapeutic attributes of marijuana have offered many people an alternative to traditional treatments, leading many countries to promote its use thanks to its effectiveness. This accelerated growth has created the opportunity for new innovations and business models. JuicyFields is not just trying to digitally transform the commercialization of cannabis, but the entire process from cultivation to sale.

JuicyFields’ vision is to establish itself as a global cannabis brand and to achieve the global shift towards more legalization of medical cannabis. A strong community is essential for this. More than 200,000 e-Growers from all over the world already benefit from Juicy Fields’ crowdgrowing platform.

Choose One of the 4 Types of Plants.
Pay and Be Part of the Next Growing Cycle.

Simply select the strain of cannabis you want to grow, choose how many plants you want, and the growers who work with the partner plantations will grow your plants in their greenhouses. The cycle starts every week on Tuesday & Friday. A maximum of 90 plants can be purchased at once per order and a maximum of 1000 plants per strain in total. 

Deposits and withdrawals take place via SEPA Bank Transfer or with crypto transfers. We support Bitcoin, Ethereum, and USDT.


Juicy Flash

JuicyFlash English

Juicy Mist

JuicyMist English

Juicy Kush

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Juicy Haze

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We are additionally planning so-called Juicyboxes

  • Lease one of currently 56 containers at the following conditions: 
  • Duration: 3 years
  • Guaranteed income of € 20,000 per harvest. 3 harvests per year. The return over 3 years is therefore 180,000 €
  • Initial investment: € 80,000 
  • Location is with our Portuguese partner Sabores Purpura. 

The Partner Plantations

You can find recorded plantation visits on the JuicyFields Official YouTube Channel. Plantation visits are possible at any time by arrangement. Convince yourself!

An EU GMP licensed plantation from Portugal which specializes in the luxury segment of medical products. The CEO of the company is Miguel Silva, who became aware of the cultivation of cannabis plants through personal experience with diseases. What once started as a strawberry farm developed into a multilateral, diversified agricultural operation in 2019 with the receipt of the Portuguese license to cultivate medicinal cannabis. Juicy Flash plants are mainly grown at Sabores. Sabores Purpura builds on many years of experience with the cultivation of useful plants in greenhouses. Outwardly, however, strawberries and cannabis are both very strictly regulated and require meticulous work. Both plants are grown in GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) -compliant greenhouses, whereby glass panes had to be converted for cannabis cultivation. The success in the production of high-quality strawberries is now carried over to the cultivation of cannabis plants and so Sabores Pupura was able to handle the transition well.

South Africa’s Gauteng province is home to JuicyFields’ partners at Canna Yeza. This company has one of the most innovative platforms when it comes to therapeutic cannabis and technology, allowing doctors to prescribe and follow up through it. Its headquarters are located in Lanseria, near Johannesburg. There they house thousands of cannabis plants in their extensive 11,200 m2 facility, where they grow, dry and package our JuicyClones for distribution.

Colombia-based Kannabyte is located near Medellin. The first meeting between Kannabyte and JuicyFields took place in August 2020, the partnership was signed in October of the same year, while the first harvest was already in March 2021.

Even if the licensing process is complicated, as everywhere, Kannabyte has all the rights to export cannabis-infused oils, even if the production process requires much more than just exporting the dried flowers.

In terms of facilities, the main center is located in Guarne and has two plots of land of 35,000 square meters each. It says that its production capacity is far from being maxed out.

Terra Cann is a 40-year old private and family-owned business with an impressive 62,000 square feet now dedicated to the cultivation of medical cannabis. Co-Founder & CEO of TERRA CANN COLOMBIA – Licet Osorio is not only looking forward to sharing business goals with JuicyFields, but also to joining the Juicy team as Chief Communication Officer to fully leverage her experience.

TERRA CANN was ready and proved to be compliant with the Colombian Agricultural Institute ICA standards and obtained the certification in Good Agricultural Practices (GAP). The certification in GAP allows TERRA CANN, most importantly, to export from Colombia, and also indicates the company’s adherence to the norms of cannabis production sustainability with an environment without degrading natural resources, soil, water, fauna, flora and allowing us to move towards a sustainable future, something very important in this growing industry.



Frequently Asked Questions & JuicyFields’ Answers

JuicyFields is a medicinal cannabis crowdgrowing platform that connects people with licensed producers and distributors from around the world. This revolutionary system leverages the power of partnership in commercial cultivation, keeping the economic benefits within the community level so that the supply chain retains the money and the value. This allows the producers to expand operations to make the end-product less expensive, higher quality, and more desirable as an export, while new e-growers (yes, that’s you) can enter the business with less risk, by removing the usual entry barriers for licensing, costs, cultivation and distribution expertise.

By registering on our platform, you agree with the Terms and Conditions and, therefore, it is in your interest to carefully review them.

Please read our Greenpaper to simplify your interpretation of our platform.

The simplified platform process:

1) E-growers buy clones on the JF platform.

2) JF operates under a contract with licensed partner A for cultivation and other services.

3) After harvesting, partner A sells products with high THC content under a contract of intent with partner B. JF receives its share of the value of transaction X.

4) JF pays the Y amount to the e-grower.

If you are looking for legal information regarding our company, make sure to check our Impressum.

Yes, it’s completely legal. All our growing and processing partners are fully licensed to cultivate and process medical cannabis in their countries.

The idea of ​​JuicyFields came in 2012, and the first steps were not made on behalf of any company per se. It was an association of people interested in developing the idea and creating the project as we see it now. Our future groundwork team then spent time conducting an investigation and research of the market to see where the opportunities lay. Gaining the right knowledge and skills, to make a platform where everyone in the world is able to benefit from the medical cannabis industry.

The JuicyFields platform was launched on March 22, 2020, on the basis and through Juicy Grow, the company that was engaged in the supply of equipment. From that moment on, the idea became a reality and the project was finally able to begin its journey. Nowadays, the company shows exponential growth, with several dozen partnerships and a team of more than 80 people around the world.

The cannabis industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world, but also one of the most complex ones, that requires huge funds and endless licensing. We launched this platform with the aim of giving the opportunity to anyone in the world to become a member of the cannabis industry, and we fight daily to make this possible. Juicy territories are expanding and the number of partners is growing in parallel with the number of participants on the platform, and that is exactly the plan, Grow.

We plan to acquire 1.5% of the market share by 2025 and become one of the top 5 suppliers of high THC cannabis alongside the current top market players at a worldwide level.

Like any business, ours also has risks, as a dedicated and professional team, we do everything possible to reduce these risks, including selecting the partners we work with under a multitude of strict requirements.

To avoid unforeseen events, we calculate and implement solutions against the most common risks both in reserve clones and in operational productions. There are, of course, risks that no one is protected from. For example, a crop may be spoiled due to abnormally high or abnormally low temperatures, flooding may occur due to heavy rains, new types of fungus, diseases, insect infestation, industrial accidents at partner’s premises, license revocation may arise, etc…

In all of these cases, JuicyFields will do everything in its power to ensure that e-grower yields occur and funds are delivered to your e-grower account as quickly as possible (4.7 JuicyFields Guarantees, Terms and Conditions).

More global cases, such as climatic disasters, cataclysms, and military actions at the same time in ALL partners would make it impossible to renew a batch of plants for example. As with any investment in any business, in the event of bankruptcy, any loss must either be assumed by the local financial authorities or deemed lost. Note that this is the most negative scenario, which is extremely unlikely as our partners are located on different continents: Africa, South America, and Europe.

It is essential to understand that all parties receive profits from the crowdgrowing, JF, the partners, and the e-growers, nobody will benefit from the fact if any of the parties fail to fulfill their obligations. JuicyFields’ business is the cultivation of cannabis with high THC content, and the sale of such is serious business, and it is certain that we will not profit from any bankruptcy, especially when we work with governments, qualified associations, and the legal authorities.


All of our partners are licensed to cultivate and sell cannabis, some of them are authorized to produce and market derivatives also. The obtained raw materials are supplied to producers with the appropriate license, for further processing, packaging, and sales. Derivatives and products are released to large distribution networks with the appropriate license, with pharmacies as the endpoints of sale.

Our company is legally established, and we operate strictly under current legislation, and so do our partners. Your participation in our platform is completely legal, regardless of the legislation in the country where you are located.

Your interaction is only with our platform, you do not interact directly with any of the partners or participate in any of the stages of plant cultivation or sale of the crop.

As an example, this can be compared to buying shares in pharmaceutical companies. There, individuals are also prohibited from doing something themselves, but it is not prohibited to make a profit from the activities of these companies. However, this is an example, we are not a financial institution or service in that regard.

Visits to plantations are possible and have already taken place several times. As our partners’ cannabis plantations are used for medicinal purposes, it is not possible to organize visits as often as our community wishes. Visitors are selected by JuicyFields, if you plan to apply for an upcoming visit, please notify us at .

You can review the #VirtualGreentours available on our YouTube channel:

Sabore’s purpura


Also, we often share media content from our partners’ plantations in our Telegram chats and social media .

First, you must be registered on the platform. Then you can go ahead and visit the Clone shop, select a plant and press the button “Purchase”, choose the desired payment method, and you will be redirected to a page where you will find all the details you need to make the payment for your order.

Note that there is a limit of 90 plants per order, and 1000 plants per category.

You need to pay taxes in the place of residence in accordance with the country’s tax laws. Unfortunately, we are not able to give tax advice related to accounting reports, tax declarations, or similar legal advice. For such consultation, it is better to contact an exceptional consulting company whose activity profile corresponds to the nature of the questioning.

Furthermore, it’s important to keep in mind that JuicyFields platform uses Euros for all transactions between users and partners. That means, your deposits in crypto will be automatically converted into Euros on the platform according to the actual exchange rate. 

When you decide to withdraw your profits, you can do that in crypto as well, however, they will be displayed on your JuicyFields account in Euros. Both operations – deposits and withdrawals in crypto depend on the current exchange rate, which is set on an hourly basis on the website.

For companies, as well as large buyers, we have a separate off-site offer. For more information see the brochure here and also find the PoF (Proof of Funds) document here and return it to to continue the registration process. is a partner site of
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